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Building construction history

Outdoor settings

  • 01 June 2010: The horticultural school Saint Ismier comes with its students to achieve the plantations.
  • Arrival of the team under the sun and distribution of different zones surrounding the eco lodges

Indoor settings

  • Weekend of 11 & 12 July 2010: The site is partly opened to clients!
  • Lodges #2,3 and 4 have been completed and the first guests come. The indoor outcome looks beautiful!

The internal arrangements of the big holiday cottage welcome

  • 2010 March 19 : The seminar room is (finally) over!
  • From 12 to 19 March 2010: The relaxation area and the kitchen of the large group lodge, as well as the reception area, have been tiled. The sliding partition separating the reception area from the group lodge is also installed..

Laying of lodges

  • 2010 August 20: the roof is ready to receive its cover.
  • 2010 August 13: Preparing the roof for laying the steel pan.

Construction of lodges

  • 2009 May 21: Workshop, wiring module 6/8 places first lodge paired (delivery scheduled for Monday, June 1).
    The implementation of the electrical panel is more complicated since you have to bypass the front door facing east.


  • 2009 July 20: Creation of the cesspool for the drain around the welcoming room.
  • 2009 June 24: The waste water under the houses and connection to the welcoming room.


  • Weekend of 18 & 2009 April 19: After a long period of study, we finally start to prepare the different electrical conduits that will lay on the wood panel lodges.

The timber industry of Chartreuse

  • Mid-March 2009: Getting started with the players of the local timber industry of Chartreuse. The entire infrastructure of the site is made with different tree species from our forests.
    A brief overview of the industry: Input sawmills logs (3 companies are working to supply the project) the project will use about 250 logs. 

Building of lodges with Chartreuse timber

  • During February 2009: The company responsible for the construction of infrastructure makes detailed plans of the different houses. 
    Below, some pictures.

Stone work

  • 2009 May 26: The slab and columns are cast; end of stonework on site.
    The wooden structure of the group lodge is expected in late June. The public opening of the seminar area and group lodge will be made on 2009 September 1.

Buildings set up

  • 2009 March 12: End of the excavations with the implementation of the last lodge 6/8 down the field place.


  • 2009 April 14: Start of the land reshaping! Step by step, the ground gets its original shape.
  • 2009 April 9: Resumption of the earthworks with the 2-space car park for handicapped accessibility. This small car park is located right next to the entrance of the reception lodge and have direct access to the 2-apartments for disabled people.
  • 2008 December 19: We can see the access of the coming reception lodge.

Car park access

  • 2008 December 8

Stump removal

  • Thursday, 27 November 2008: beautiful weather and landscape!

Ground cleaning

  • 2008 November 20, cleaning is over
  • 2008 October 30 first snowfall!
    Yes, 15 to 20 cm fell to Col de Marcieu. Cleaning work is a little bit more fun ...

Stump removal and crushing

  • 27 October 2008, starts of a new step!
    Stump removal machine starts its works by the area of the coming public car park.

Timber transport

  • From 8 to 2008 October 22: stream of logging trucks!
    Reminder: logs are branchless trunks removed from the forest. Logs are carried to as availability of logging trucks.
    This operation is always remarkable: how easily to handle these logs !!

Skidding of the ground

  • From 6 to 10 October 2008: skidding of the ground.
    This operation involves removing the cut trees (called log). It is carried out using a tractor called "skidder"

Wood cutting

  • September 9, 2008: logging operation begins!
    Reminder for the ground: it is an unnatural spruce plantation. The trees were planted there for decades. This type of wood is used for carpentry and lodges frames.
    This same type of wood will be used for coming construction


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