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The Eco Lodges

For infrastructure design, project leant on the expertise of bioclimatic-specialized architects and the CAUE of Grenoble (the sustainable architecture council of Grenoble)
All the constructions exceeds(overtakes) the regulations High Environmental Quality. Finally, a bioclimatic conception of infrastructures was favored (favorisation of the passive construction, the savings(economies) of the energies, the renewable energies).

Photo of the area taken by the end of January 2010…

eco chalet village ecologique - Evasion au Naturel

…and in July 2011 : 

eco chalet vacances famille été - Evasion au Naturel

A reception building of 135 floor square meters:

seminaire gite de groupe - Evasion au Naturel

  • Basement : technical room, wood pellet silo, laundry, storage andlockers for customers
  • Ground floor : reception room and sale of regional products, library, meeting and leisure rooms, kitchen area, loungue area, restroom
  • Upstairs : 5 rooms for up to 15 people, restroom and bathroom

The Eco lodges for rent, there are 6 of them :

  • 2 lodges for 5 to 7 people,  accessibility for people with disabilities. The area is 60 square meters including 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 living room/kitchen and 1 mezzanine
  • 4 lodges for 6 to 8 people. Area is 60 square meters including 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 living room/kitchen and 1 mezzanine. 5 to 6 people-lodges can be twinned to welcome large families or groups (11 to 15 people). 
  • Facilities : parking and multi-activities area


Implantation du centre ecotouristique Isere Evasion au Naturel

The goal is obviously not to shape the site depeding on the project, but rather to use its slope for the construction of the buildings. 

The reception building : it is located west of the site and lets maintain a quiet environment to the lodges. The layout of the building allows the gap between parking car and the pedestrian area.

The lodges : there are set up on the slope and on piles to minimize the use of concrete. However, some concrete foundations are required for seismic constraints; but they are covered with dry stone walls to allow faster revegetation.

Croquis du centre eco touristique Evasion au Naturel


Wood is the main material used for the infrastructure. To limit the work on the site, the buildings were prefabricated in a workshop and assembled on site. We decided to choose the timber frame and supply 100% of this wood from Chartreuse industries.

 A double layer wood board is used for the roofing. This solution was chosen instead of the steel deck because it is reneweable, biodegradable and insulate better than steel.



Reception lodge :  it is insulated with cellulose wadding projected and blown to a 30 cm thickness.

The lodges :  The roofs are insulated in workshop in boxes with tissue paper. The walls are also insulated with cellulose wadding projected to a 30 cm thickness.


The energies

Solar panels,south-facing of the house's roofs, are used to heat the DHW (domestic hot water) and participate in floor heating on the ground floor of the house.  Hydraulic pellet stove complement. The size of the silo has been optimized with respect to the need and volume of trucks that carry woodchips.

The lodges are heated with a wood pellet stove. A silo, located in the house, will stock the pellets. The clients fuel stoves and go for the pellets in the welcome house. Thus, they realize the savings and the performance of a wood heating (1 load per day in winter, equivalent of 18kg of pellets).



A tank of rainwater is intered to collect water that drains from the roof. This water is used for toilets and to irrigate the site. The vegetated flat roof not only have an aesthetic purpose, but also delay the infiltration of water into the soil. Flushing toilets are water saving. All valves are in regulating flow limiters. Showerheads are flow reduced.


Use and pedagogy

To ensure that users are made aware of the materials and sustainable management, several methods are used: real-time screens will display the heating site consumption and savings procured by solar, wood and low CO2 release compared to heating fuel system.  A water meter placed on each lodge display saving drinking water made by the use of rainwater. More generally, all consumptions will be identified in order to compare and educate occupants. All materials used on site are visible and explanations could be made through documentation (brochure , computer support, boards ...). Intervenants or the manager also organize speaches.

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